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"Images of Interest"©



These "Images of Interest"©, Wall Art Black & White Photographs, are produced in my darkroom from family negatives dating back from the 1930's. My Grandfather, my Dad, and my Uncle started the tradition which I learned and still enjoy today. It's a privilege to preserve this tradition and thereby provide pleasant visual aesthetics for my customer's interior decor.

Our nine Galleries include 1939 New York World's Fair photographs, Architecture photographs, Bridge photographs, Harley photographs, Hot Rod photographs, Infrared photographs, Landscape photographs, Steam Locomotive photographs, Fun Images and Greeting Cards. Click the titles below and go directly to that Gallery.

Black & White Photography: "Nite Sites - 1939 New York World's Fair Photographs

1939 had many interesting events over its 12 months span but the most dynamic was The 1939 NY World's Fair. It was impressive and quite extensive, covering 1200 acres in Queens New York, the west end of Long Island. Dad volunteered for the 2 year span and was given access to many of the pavilions after most of the crowds had gone home. 44 million people attended the Fair until it closed on October 27, 1940. Unfortunately all the magnificent pavilions, statues, structures, pools, and fountains were completely demolished thereafter.

Dad experimented with black and white photography at night and created the “Nite Sites” series you see in this Gallery. Ironically, He photographed all the pavilions on September 11, 1940. He processed the negatives back then but it wasn't until 55 years later that I produced the first set of prints. A number of them are now part of the permanent collection of the Queens Museum in New York City. The Museum building is the only remaining structure from the Art Deco event of the twentieth century.

More "Nite Sites" photo info at webbersphotography.blogspot.com (live link "My Blog" above).

Black & White Photography: Architecture Photographs  

A BA degree from Kean University's Department of Industrial Arts provided me with a concentration in architecture. Still at home is a collection of hand drawn lead pencil and india ink prints of toys, tools, machines, and of course buildings. My younger daughter, a successful professor at Parsons School of Design (NYC), enjoys looking at them 50 years after the fact.

It's easy for me to look in my viewfinder and capture a structure in such a way that’s pleasing to my eye. As a photographer, the black & white structural photographs, both day and night along with building interiors, are a carryover from my my college days.

You’ll find architectural images in other galleries such as Infrared.  

Black & White Photography: Bridge Photographs  

Bridge architecture and bridges themselves are fascinating to me. They can easily be the unsung heroes of our transportation system. Nonetheless, many are quite famous such as the Brooklyn Bridge or the Golden Gate. One of the images in this Gallery is “The Free Bridge”. 

My wife and I were contracted by a client seeking a photographer to create an image that shows the union of Phillipsburg, NJ and Easton, PA. When I proposed the free bridge, they hesitated. However, when I delivered the initial matted and framed 24" x 30" night shot print using black & white photography, they ordered 2 more exactly like the original.

More images will be added to this Gallery and remember, don’t ever underestimate what you truly believe in; you’ll be surprised! 

Black & White Photography: Harley-Davidson Photographs

My current motorcycle is a 2012 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic. It’s a far cry from the Hondas and Sportsters back in the 1960’s and 70’s. Buying the larger Harley satisfied a riding need but all types of bikes are to be enjoyed as well. Indians, Hondas, Triumphs, Ducati’s and others are just as good as Harleys and perhaps better to some degree. My older daughter has her eyes on my Softail Classic but she'll have to wait a little longer! 

As a New Life Riders chapter member (Flemington, NJ) of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, there are plenty of opportunities to attend all kinds of bike events with all kinds of bikes and capture them in black & white photography. No doubt I’ll broaden my horizon and capture the uniqueness of other machines in addition to Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Black & White Photography: Hot Rod Photographs

Back in the day, did this car ever catch your attention -a new 1957 Caddy Eldorado? It took my breath away. How could a car look that good? Well, many other models for that year were just as dynamic. Trouble was I couldn’t buy any of them. Neither could my friends. However, the hot rod culture existed long before the Eldorado which never really became a hot rod to my knowledge. Perhaps the most iconic of the custom cars is the “Lead Sled”, the 1949-51 Mercury. So we all kept on dreaming of the day we could build or buy and then drive a Hot Rod.

Though the fine lines of many hot rods appeal to many devotees, my interest from a fine art point of view is in hood ornaments. Some grotesque, some bland, others quite artistic, and some just run of the mill. No two brands seemed to have the same ornament. Captured as a piece of art on black & white photography film, all of them yield an interesting image on their own.

Enjoy your visit to yesteryear!

Black & White Photography: Infrared Photographs

The use of infrared film has always been a  fascination since first "discovering" it back in the 1980's. For a photographer, it can be quite unpredictable to work with at times because it can be affected by heat, humidity and whatever exposure you may choose. Nonetheless, when you get it right, the results are truly very enjoyable. It makes black & white photography both challenging and amusing, if you will. Kind of like a box of Cracker Jacks; you never know exactly what you'll get. Then again, that's what keeps me coming back for more. It's my favorite film.

Welcome to “The Twilight Zone”!

Black & White Photography: Landscape Photographs

In God’s majesty, He’s created a world of wonder all around us. Mountains, valleys, lakes, farm land, trees, brooks, rivers, and the list for landscapes goes on and on. One can see the change of seasons each and every year and find something personally appealing in any of them.

Trees viewed early spring or late fall have always been a source of wonder for this photographer. The lack of leaves reveals the true inner workings of each tree. Here one can the view  symmetry of the branches growing from the trunk yet on other trees, the symmetry is not so obvious. What also works great is that when the leaves return, new photographs can be created using infrared film for special surreal effects in black & white photography. This portfolio contains a number of tree images but there are more in the Infrared gallery as well.

Black & White Photography: Steam Locomotive Photographs

 Most of these images were created by my Dad and his brother, my uncle Joe; some are mine. Most of their work was done between 1935 and 1955. Their love for steam locomotives motivated them to combine that love with their passion for black & white photography. More than eighty years later, it's a honor to have their negative collection.  Going through the collection will no doubt yield more images that may have some general appeal to rail fans and/or collectors. Contained also herein is my awarding winning photograph, "Hot Rods". 

Black & White Photography: Fun Photographs

 How a photo qualifies for this fun images gallery is simply by the fact that it doesn’t really fit any other. Here, anything in black & white photography may be found that might appeal to you by your darkroom photographer of "Images of Interest"©. 

Black & White Photography: Specialty Greeting Cards

 For that special someone who LOVES machines, choose your set of specialty greeting cards presented in black & white photography! We also have other cards with other scenes available. They make great thank you cards or cards for any occasion.

These photographs are also deckle cut and mounted on deckle cut card stock, blank inside.

Suitable for 5 x 7 inch framing or trimmed for 4 x 6 if you wish.

Typically sold as a set of 3, your choice, with matching envelopes

 FREE SHIPPING! at $20 (continental USA only).

ALL images within our website are available as greeting cards


The passion of hand-crafting photographs is what continues to draw me to the darkroom. My wife, Marie, is my best friend and partner and my strength in all aspects of our business. I believe it's my purpose as an artist to produce the finest quality Black & White photographs available. 

Today, why not invest in the Wall Art print of your choice? Then, enjoy it for a lifetime. These "Images of Interest"© are uniquely different!

Thank you!

Hank Webber - Owner

Webbers Photography

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